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General Dentistry

Your Harrisonburg General Dentist: A Trusted Choice

Make Us Your Dental Home

If you’re been looking for a new Family Dentist in Harrisonburg, your search has ended. Smallwood Dental Solutions knows that consistent dental health results from establishing a rhythm of care that involves regular visits to our office and a dedicated regimen of self-care at home. Our approach to general dentistry for our Harrisonburg patients examines overall oral health, identifies unique patient needs, and then works toward developing a customized treatment and hygiene plan. From laser treatment to periodontal therapy to fluoride treatments and more, we have the expertise you need to achieve your dental and oral health goals.

Your Harrisonburg General Dentist: A Trusted Choice

Our General Services

During a comprehensive exam, our Harrisonburg General Dentists, Dr. Smallwood and Dr. Bishop, take a “deep dive” into your dental health. They will check your teeth, gums, and tongue through a hands-on and visual examination, plus digital and panoramic X-rays to ensure nothing is being overlooked. Preventative maintenance such as plaque removal, cleaning, and a bite alignment check are also part of the process. The best part of this complete checkup is the focused time you get with our doctors. You two can talk about treatments suggested just for you and what you hope to achieve with your smile. It’s like a personalized dental strategy session!

You want a doctor who is serious about your oral health, and that includes keeping an eye out for oral cancer, which often goes unnoticed. This tricky disease can sneak up on you and cause big problems. That’s why we’re dedicated to checking your mouth for signs of oral cancer and taking fast action if needed. Spotting it early is extremely important, especially since the first signs can be hard to see without expert help. During your complete exam with us, we always do oral cancer screening. Why? Because things might come up between visits, catching any changes quickly is our priority. Your well-being matters most, and we’re here to make sure your journey to oral health is as smooth as possible.

As one of the most popular Harrisonburg General Dentists, Drs. Smallwood and Bishop firmly believe that preventive dentistry, especially dental hygiene, is the foundation of a healthy smile, no matter what stage of life you are at. A solid home oral care routine is vital, but even the best home care needs help. To protect your teeth from cavities and decay, our regular professional cleanings are the best complement to your ongoing home routine. Our friendly hygiene team is skilled, experienced, and ready to hear your concerns. Whether young or young at heart, comprehensive dental hygiene in Harrisonburg is a smart choice with immediate and long-term benefits.

Achieving gum health in Harrisonburg matters for your overall well-being, not just your mouth. Ignoring it could lead to periodontal (gum) disease, with harmful bacteria causing trouble and potential tooth loss. We’re all about giving you the know-how and top-notch treatment to keep your gums healthy and your smile stunning. When gum disease isn’t tackled promptly, it can affect the support system for your teeth. If you see signs like bleeding gums, Dr. Smallwood will discuss the infection level and how to handle it. Treatment might involve using Arestin, the unique antibiotic that fights gum disease at the infection site. Your gum health matters, and we’re here to keep it in shape.

At Smallwood Dental Solutions, kids of every age are warmly welcomed at our Harrisonburg General Dentist practice. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines, bringing your child for their first dental visit by age one is best. This early start sets the foundation for a lifelong bright smile. We’re not just about your dental health – we’re keen on instilling great oral habits in kids right from the beginning. Let’s lead your children toward a future full of healthy teeth. Our team is all about making your child’s visit comfortable and reassuring. We’ll guide them through each dental step, ensuring they’re at ease and their voice is heard. We’re here to care for those growing smiles in every way possible.

Prevention is key in the battle against cavities. That’s why we may recommend fluoride treatments in Harrisonburg. This natural mineral acts as a shield against tooth decay. When combined with regular hygiene visits and good oral care at home, fluoride treatments are a powerful tool in preventing cavities. Dental fluoride also helps fortify weakened teeth and smiles prone to decay. While it’s a routine for kids, adults can benefit too – especially if sensitivity is a concern or if you want added cavity defense. Your smile deserves the finest, and fluoride treatments are here to ensure its lasting strength and health.

At Smallwood Dental Solutions, we’re all about keeping your smile safe and sound. That’s why we offer two fantastic types of custom mouthguards in Harrisonburg. First, we have protective mouthguards that are perfect for kids during sports or any active fun that might lead to mouth injuries. It’s a must for keeping those young smiles intact while they play hard. Our second type of mouthguard is designed to combat bruxism – a condition where teeth grinding during sleep can cause damage. These specialized mouthguards shield your teeth, letting you rest easy knowing your smile is protected even as you sleep. Our mouthguards are tailor-made for the best fit and effectiveness. Your comfort and safety matter most; our mouthguards are here to ensure your smile stays strong and healthy.

Dr. Smallwood is skilled in the use of soft tissue diode lasers for the treatment of various issues, including gum disease and treatment of cold sores. Minimally invasive and known for resulting in shorter healing times than traditional methods, laser dentistry in Harrisonburg can help ease patient anxiety over a procedure. It also provides many advantages over traditional methods, like being extremely precise, less post-op discomfort and swelling, and rarely is there a need for stitches. The comfort and precision of lasers make them a favorite. Plus, kids who’d otherwise need anesthesia can benefit, too. Choose high-tech care with Dr. Smallwood, where your smile’s future shines brighter. Ask Dr. Smallwood if laser treatment is the right option for you.

When a tooth is knocked out or a painful toothache strikes, contact us immediately for swift emergency care. As your Harrisonburg General Dentists, we aim to get you out of pain and back to life as soon as possible. If possible, we’ll schedule you on the same day. Our team is ready to assist when sudden dental issues arise. Whether it’s lingering tooth pain, broken dentures, past dental work problems, or mouth injuries, we’re here to help. Contact us as soon as an emergency happens. You deserve relief, and we’re here to provide it.

We use the most up-to-date imaging equipment available. Our digital X-rays provide immediate, clear pictures of targeted areas so we can zero in on trouble spots and show you exactly what’s happening. They allow us to see beyond what’s manually visible, helping us uncover underlying conditions. Panoramic X-rays provide us with a clear and comprehensive view of your teeth, bones, and jaw and allow us to show you how all of your teeth are sitting and working together (or not working together) so we can assess the overall positioning of your teeth and discuss options for giving you excellent alignment for that bright smile you want to achieve.

Our Patients Love us!


I’ve been a regular with Dr. Smallwood since they first came to Harrisonburg some years ago and I can highly recommend them. Where would my teeth be without them?

" - Skip T.

I have been going to this practice for ten years. They have always shown kindness, friendliness, and caring. Thank you for taking the time, and your expertise in guiding me to a healthier smile.

" - Jeannie H.

I enjoyed every minute of my appointment. Everyone is so nice. They not only deliver superb dental care, they treat the patient as a real human person, not just a mouth. I went home inspired, threw out the peanut brittle, and started to faithfully use my waterpik.

" - Susan A.