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Comprehensive Harrisonburg Dental Services

Personalized Care, Focused on YOU

if you’ve been looking for Harrisonburg Dental Services, you’re probably aware that all dental practices are not the same. Sometimes, providers aren’t forthcoming with reasons for recommending treatment, staff turnover makes every visit feel like a first visit, and questions go either unanswered or answered with confusing medical jargon.

Our focus on enhancing health, transforming smiles, and inspiring confidence makes that non-transparent kind of relationship impossible. Our approach to Dental Services in Harrisonburg requires that we get to know you as a person (not just as a set of teeth). The result is personalized care, based on your unique needs.

Your transformative treatment options will also feature the latest technology, such as 3D dental scans, digital X-rays, soft-tissue laser treatment, same-day crowns, state-of-the-art dental implants, and more. We can even provide treatment for TMJ and sleep apnea.

Comprehensive Harrisonburg Dental Services

Our Services

Consistent, regularly scheduled dental care that watches for potential problems, catches them early, and stops them from becoming large issues is key to overall long-term health. In addition to those tried-and-true “checkups” you remember from childhood, our Harrisonburg general dentistry services include comprehensive dental exams, oral cancer screenings, expert dental hygiene treatment and advice, and even emergency dentistry should a painful infection or accidental tooth loss occur.

Cosmetic dentistry plays a big role in our efforts to inspire confidence. Porcelain veneers, composite bonding of damaged teeth, and teeth whitening agents that make stained teeth look young again are just a few of the options we can apply in helping you develop the smile you always wish you had.

It can be easy to put off vital restorative care due to life events, finances, and even simple fear of going to the dentist. Let us work with you to overcome whatever might be holding you back from getting the fillings, bridgework, same-day crown, or another restorative treatment to get your teeth looking and performing as they should.

When a permanent tooth has been lost to decay or trauma, a dental implant may be your best option for getting back the look and function you lost with that tooth. If you decide on an implant, we’ll refer you to a fine oral surgeon to place your titanium post and then we’ll create and place the crown here in our office.

Part of our comprehensive dental exam is a questionnaire-style screening for sleep apnea. Should Dr. Smallwood suspect sleep apnea, you may be referred to a specialist for a sleep study. If sleep apnea is diagnosed, your specialist may prescribe a CPAP machine or give you a referral for a custom oral sleep apnea appliance that can be obtained through us.

You don’t have to live with the jaw and neck pain, headaches, chewing difficulty, joint-locking and other discomforts of TMJ (temporomandibular jaw syndrome). Talk to Dr. Smallwood about neuromuscular dentistry, joint retraining, and other methods for getting your jaw back to a relaxed and properly functioning position.

Our Patients Love us!


I’ve been a regular with Dr. Smallwood since they first came to Harrisonburg some years ago and I can highly recommend them. Where would my teeth be without them?

" - Skip T.

I have been going to this practice for ten years. They have always shown kindness, friendliness, and caring. Thank you for taking the time, and your expertise in guiding me to a healthier smile.

" - Jeannie H.

I enjoyed every minute of my appointment. Everyone is so nice. They not only deliver superb dental care, they treat the patient as a real human person, not just a mouth. I went home inspired, threw out the peanut brittle, and started to faithfully use my waterpik.

" - Susan A.